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My full name in long form is SALVATORE FRANCESCO MARCHESE CICCHETTO; short form, SALVATORE FRANK CICCHETTO, and most used form, MARC CICCHETTO. I go by the shortest form, because my full name is a mouth full.

I was born in Elizabeth New Jersey in 1935 to Italian immigrants, which makes me an 82 year old first generation Italian.

My designing career started rather young at 11 years old, ran for six years until I joined the Air Force and took four years out of my life.
I did a few years in the dance business and rejoined my present career thereafter.

I opened my design business in 1964 and didn’t look back until 1999, when I turned over my business to my eleven employees and retired.

It was in retirement that I first became interested in playing the violin and then building one. From there it became even more interesting as I saw I could use my background in design engineering to improve the way violin building came about; since I wasn’t impressed with the traditional approach and along with that, figure out what makes a difference when it comes to sound output.

My life’s career started out in the automotive area which dominated the  products and designs I’ve  created over the years.

Although I have created several thousand small and large creations, from clothing to furniture to jewelry to many, many, many mechanical objects. I’ve built several automobile vehicles from scratch, changed the looks of many more, built just about everything else related to car and airplane interiors, plus thousands of other products over the period of my career.

However no product I’ve ever created required as much time, thought, trial, error, tool design, mold design, along with frustration, as I had working through the evolution of my violin building system. That’s mostly because it is a musical instrument which brought in the concept of sound reproduction. The longest span of time I ever took to complete a single entity-product was a year and a half. The violin took me over twelve years to reach the end game.

I have fathered five children by my first wife, gained three more with my second wife and between us we have 19 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Thank you for your interest. Enjoy my site.

Marc Cicchetto