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“Sound Carving”

Marc Cicchetto’s violin fabrication manual”

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My book is about the optimum way to best use your wood to build a violin that extracts it’s best voice.
I’s comprehensive, rational, logical and precise. if you wish to have every instrument you make be fantastic sounding, just follow what I suggest to the letter; and I assure you; your instrument will be one of the strongest, finest and most precision violins made, and it will also compete with the best sounding instruments in the world. No one in the world builds a violin as perfect as those built using this system.

There has never been any information as informative and as available as this manual. And, there has never been instant availability to the person writing it as there is with an e-book. Constant contact, guidance, videos and input are the features that come along with membership.


The price of membership to the book is $75.00.
You may access membership at:   WWW.CICCHETTOVIOLINS.COM
My e-mail address should you wish to correspond before hand is:
Thank you for your interest and your time.
Marc Cicchetto