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“The Antares” 14 inch Soloist Violin

Finished 2016

Bold, deeply Rich  bass with a well Rounded Sweet Resonant treble end. Easy to play, hugely projecting, well balanced  and Velvety to the touch. Made with 40 year old European Spruce and Maple from the Alps.

If you like the Guarneri violin sound,  you’ll love the sound of this violin.

“The Tara” 16-3/4 inch Concert Viola

Beautifully Soothing Rich voice. Sitka Spruce, European Maple and Evah Pirazzi strings.
Violist Colin Benn encouraged me to make a quartet five years ago and this is as far as I got. I doubt I’ll ever make a cello.

Built in 2012

 My Transition Violin Photo Gallery

Transition violins shown below were some of a host of violins made during my decades long violin system’s Research and Development period.

Each contributed to and helped solve an issue, design  or question. All are very fine instruments in their own right and sound very nice. Some have not the prettiest of finishes, however any orchestra player would be nicely served with any one of them. They just aren’t the “executive or soloists” quality violins that can be made using my Fabrication and Tuning systems.

These instruments were work horses and are shown for your entertainment only.